Familiarize Yourself With Registry Program Staff

Published February 2019

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Registry Program has gone through several structural changes since its inception to better support its participating sites. Check out this overview of the different teams that can assist you throughout your journey as a participant.

Registry Engagement

The Registry Engagement team will work with your site to outline what Registry participation entails and make sure that the necessary contracts are signed to align with security and privacy requirements. This team handles the contracting process for each Registry Program specialty area and add-on feature, so contact them at RegistryInfo@aaos.org if you are interested in subscribing to the AAOS Shoulder & Elbow Registry or gaining Surgeon Dashboard access.

Registry Support

Once a contract is signed, your contact with the AAOS Registry Program doesn't stop. The Registry Program has a team of dedicated Registry Support Specialists that are there to help you through any data submission challenges you may experience. Our trained specialists provide new participants with a Welcome Kit and accompanying Onboarding Workbook that outline the "Six Stages to Successful Submission." They make it their mission to assist you every step of the way.

The Registry Support team can be reached at RegistrySupport@aaos.org

Registry Optimization

Our newest addition to the Registry Program staff is the Registry Optimization team. The team is headed by AAOS Registry Optimization Analyst Ryan Olsen. Registry Optimization works to provide the best experience for all participants, whether that means strengthening partnerships with technology vendors to reduce data submission burden or offering one-on-one demonstrations of the RegistryInsights platform to show participants how they can get the most out of their subscription. Feel free to contact Ryan at olsen@aaos.org if you would like to arrange an optimization call.