External Quality Products Endorsed by AAOS

The AAOS recognizes and applauds the efforts of orthopaedic specialty societies in the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), and Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC). The combined efforts of orthopaedic societies ensure that a greater number of conditions and patient populations can be addressed, improving overall patient care. To broaden the reach of specialty society CPGs, and AUC, the AAOS reviews the content for potential endorsement. Upon endorsement, the AAOS logo is added to the document and the content is listed on both aaos.org and within OrthoGuidelines. To acquire AAOS endorsement, external CPGs, SRs, and AUC go through a two step process:

  1. Review: AAOS Staff performs an initial review of the guideline methodology, followed by a review by the AAOS Committee on Evidence Based Quality and Value.
  2. Approval: Upon receiving the recommendation to endorse from the reviewing bodies, the endorsement request is then approved by the AAOS Committee on Evidence Based Quality and Value, AAOS Council on Research and Quality, and AAOS Board of Directors.

The following externally developed CPGs, SRs, and AUCs have been endorsed by the AAOS:

Musculoskeletal Tumor Society Systematic Review on the Use of Imaging Prior to Referral to a Musculoskeletal Oncologist

Musculoskeletal Tumor Society Appropriate Use Criteria on the Surveillance of Local Recurrence and Distant Metastasis After Surgical Treatment of Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas

American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Clinical Practice Guideline on Tranexamic Acid in Total Joint Arthroplasty

Orthopaedic Traum Association Clinical Practice Guidelines for Pain Management in Acute Musculoskeletal Injury