Exhibitor Event & Meeting Space

Any exhibitor planning on holding an event or function that will take place outside of their exhibit booth space during the AAOS Annual Meeting must secure written approval from AAOS. Meeting space will only be assigned to companies exhibiting at the 2020 Annual Meeting.  Meeting rooms reserved by AAOS require a 10-person minimum.


Meetings that include AAOS Annual Meeting medical attendees

Monday, March 23: All Day
Tuesday, March 24: 6:00 - 7:30 a.m.; 6:00 p.m. - Evening
Wednesday, March 25 - Saturday, March 28: 6:00 - 7:30 a.m.; 5:00 p.m. - Evening

Do not begin registration or travel to the event earlier than the designated times above.

These guidelines have been developed to ensure exhibitors do not schedule meetings or events that conflict with AAOS scientific programming at the AAOS 2020 Annual Meeting.

Types of Space Requests

Company and Staff Events

Events that only include staff of the exhibiting company. There are no date and time restrictions; however, these events require approval from AAOS. These meetings cannot include AAOS attendees unless the individual is an employee of the company.

Educational Events and Satellite Symposia

Educational Events and Satellite Symposia are events that include presentations, speakers, equipment demonstrations, procedural instruction, or focus groups. Only companies exhibiting at the AAOS meeting are eligible to present educational events/satellite symposia to AAOS attendees. Third party organizers must be designated by the exhibitor. These events may not conflict with AAOS scientific programming. AAOS charges a non-refundable fee to exhibitors holding educational functions that includes access to AAOS attendees.

$5,000 -- 1 to 3 events with a total attendance of 150 attendees or less per event

$7,500 -- 1 to 3 events with a total attendance of 151 attendees or more per event

The fee includes:

  • Approval of up to three (3) events
  • Listings in the AAOS Exhibitor Guide, The Daily Edition of AAOS Now, and on the AAOS Annual Meeting website

Surgeon Engagement Opportunities

Enhance your exhibit experience by engaging surgeons with a product presentation. A variety of presentation formats are available. Learn more

Social Events

Receptions, dinners, and other events where no educational programming is offered to attendees are considered social events. If a social event is held in conjunction with an educational event, the event would be considered an educational event. Social events may not conflict with AAOS scientific programming.

Hospitality Suites

Hospitality suites are only available to companies that exhibit at the AAOS 2020 Annual Meeting. Requests for hotel suites should be made through the AAOS Housing Bureau at the same time that sleeping room requests are made. Availability is based on hotel demand and current occupancy factors. Hospitality functions cannot conflict with AAOS scientific programming.

AAOS Housing Bureau
MCI USA / 1 800-931-6027 (Canada & US)
1 972-349-5559 (International)
Email: aaoste@mcievents.com

AAOS Exhibitor Housing Information

Exhibitor Suites

A limited number of Exhibitor Suites are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the convention center. Located on the exhibit floor, suites are open during exhibit hours and are only available to exhibiting companies. The cost of an Exhibitor Suite is $4,500 per 10'x10'. Apply here