Game Structure and Rules

Participant Selection:

  • All residents must be registered for Annual Meeting to apply, attend and/or participate
  • All post-graduate years will be able to participate, and teams should be made up of multiple post-graduate years
  • Two ways to apply:
  • Team assignments will be sent prior to the meeting so that you can interact if you choose.
  • Your team will be assigned a number, and your table will be marked with that number.
  • Participants for the Resident Bowl will be capped at 120.  

Structure of the Resident Bowl

Prior to the first round, there will be a warm-up. Questions will be posed to serve as an icebreaker and demonstrate the rules.

First Two Rounds:

  • There will be 2 rounds of 20 questions each
    • Each round will have a mix of questions including: orthopaedics, orthopaedic history and general (non-orthopaedic) trivia. Teams will respond via tablet (provided at the Bowl)
  • The two teams with the highest scores will advance to the Final Round.
    • If a tiebreaker is needed to determine the final 2 teams, the teams will use the skills challenge. 

Final Round (Championship)

  • The two top-scoring teams will head to the riser to answer from the podiums.  Scores will reset to 0. 
  • Ten questions in the final round.
    • If a team buzzes in before the emcee is finished reading the question, the emcee will not finish question until an answer is given.
    • Once the buzzer is pressed, the team will have 10 seconds to answer
    • If the first team that buzzes in does not answer correctly in the final round, the other team will have the opportunity to answer the question 
    • In the event of a tie, additional questions will be asked.
  • After the final round is completed, the emcee will announce the winning team.

Audience Rules

  • The audience must remain silent throughout the game.
  • You cannot signal or message the participants. 


  • Dress Code - can be casual. Dress up if you wish!
  • No penalty for incorrect answers
  • Five points will be awarded for each correct answer
  • Judges have the final word on all answers
  • Cheating will not be tolerated.  This includes:
    • Cell phone use
    • Personal tablet use
    • Communication of any kind with the audience
      • Entire team disqualified
    • Participant no-shows
      • Participant does not get to register for next year's bowl if does not communicate that he/she will be unable to participate prior to the bowl 
    • Questions and answers will be given in English