Frequently Asked Questions About AAOS

Publications & Journals

Why haven't I received my JAAOS Journal?

Please login to your account and verify your mailing address. For additional support, you may contact AAOS Customer Service at 800 626-6726 (US) or Individuals calling from outside the US should dial 847 823-7186.

How do I download the JAAOS app?

The JAAOS app is no longer available for download.

JAAOS has implemented responsive design. Content available in a mobile friendly format on the JAAOS website.

How do I access JAAOS online?

  1. Login to your AAOS account
  2. From the main menu bar, hover over "Periodicals"
  3. From the submenu, select "JAAOS"
  4. Click on the desired JAAOS journal
  5. In the upper left corner, click on "Log in or Register"
  6. From the pop-up box, click on "AAOS Members Log in Here"

You can also use the link below to complete steps 5-6 above:

JAAOS Log in or Register

How long does it take to resume delivery of the JAAOS print issue?

Please allow up to 8 weeks for the journal delivery to be reinstated. You will be able to access JAAOS online immediately following secure login.

What do I need to do if I move?

  1. Login to your AAOS account
  2. Navigate to "My Account"
  3. Update your contact information

You should receive your first JAAOS issue at the new address within 8 weeks.

How do I cancel the print JAAOS member subscription? Call Customer Service and they will adjust your subscription to "online only access". Please allow 8 weeks for your print subscription to discontinue.

AAOS Customer Service: (800) 626-6726 or (847) 823-7186 (outside of the US)


How can I receive JAAOS related CME credits?

JAAOS offers these opportunities for CME credits:

  1. Article-based CME modules
  2. CME for the JAAOS Plus webinars (free for members)
  3. JAAOS also offers CME for reviewers. If you are a reviewer please request your CME directly via Editorial Manager.
  4. JAAOS Global also offers CME for reviewers. If you are a reviewer please request your CME directly via Editorial Manager

Can I access Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (CORR) if I am an AAOS member?

Yes, if you an AAOS fellow or an associate member, you will have online access to CORR. 

Simply use your AAOS login credentials and navigate to the CORR Journal.

How do I download my eBook?

Individuals who have print books purchased from Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott need to check the inside cover. There is a sticker "Access Your Enhanced eBook" with instructions and a scratch code.

You may also set up an account first. Go to and follow the instructions. Once you have the account you will be able to redeem your eBook.

PS... Downloadable, eBook versions purchased directly from AAOS in the past can be accessed through the AAOS Access app using your AAOS login credentials.

How do I access my eBook purchased prior to 2019?

You are authenticated on the AAOS Access app exclusively available for iOS and GooglePlay eBooks. Once you download the free app, use your AAOS login to access content. 

Where do I find information on the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program?

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is published by Jones and Barlett.

Where can I buy Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care?

Since 2018 Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care is published by Jones & Barlett.

How do I get my additional 50 CME credits for the OKU book purchase in addition to the OKU exam?

Contact AAOS Customer Service to add the 50 credits to your transcript.

AAOS Customer Service: (800) 626-6726 or (847) 823-7186 (outside of the US)