Patient Advisory Board

Overall Purpose/Mission

Serve a resource to all AAOS bodies where the interest and input of patients is deemed desirable.


    1. Comply with the Strategic Plan as adopted by the Board of Directors, and ensure that the organization-wide goals of unity and diversity are considered in all activities.

    2. Provide input to the AAOS Patient Education Committee on patient education materials.

    3. Provide patient input to the Public Relations Oversight Group on public service announcements and other communication vehicles designed to reach patients and potential patients.

    4. Review, as requested, new and updated content on "Your Orthopaedic Connection" to ensure that it will meet the needs of patients and potential patients.

    5. Assist in encouraging patient participation in Research Capitol Hill Day.

    6. Report annually to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting Board Meeting.

Reporting Relationship

Reports to Board of Directors.



"Your Orthopaedic Connection" Editorial Board lay member

Patient Education Committee lay member

Four (4) members at large

Term of Office

For chair, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

For members, two (2) years; eligible for one (1 additional (2) year term.

Staff Liaison (title)

Senior Manager, Websites

Last updated:2/12/07