Communications Cabinet

Overall Purpose/Mission

Promote AAOS and orthopaedic information to our members to contribute to a seamless member experience. Take directive from the AAOS strategic plan to oversee, organize, and institute AAOS communication vehicles. Leverage social media and programs, campaigns, and activities within the AAOS to engage members of all stages of career. In serving our members, continue to provide the AAOS governance units and membership with public and media relations expertise. Continue to enhance the image of the orthopaedic surgeon’s role in the highest quality of musculoskeletal patient care. 


A. To enhance INTERNAL communication to AAOS members, and to provide physician oversight to this process.

    1. Serve as the strategic planning body to create, plan, develop and monitor the effectiveness of communications vehicles, strategies and tactics, and advise if new strategies and programs are needed.

    2. Comply with the strategic plan as adopted by the Board of Directors and support the organization-wide goal of a positive membership experience. In doing so, ensure that partnership (BOC/BOS) and diversity are considered and optimized in all communications activities.

    3. Coordinate development of AAOS member publications so as to reduce and eliminate gaps, inconsistency, overlap and redundancy.

    4. Leverage technology and social media opportunities for enhancing AAOS member communications.

    5. Enhance partnerships with state and specialty orthopaedic societies to foster and support integrated and seamless communication to AAOS members.

    6. Evaluate award nominees for member award programs.

    B.    To enhance EXTERNAL communication to our patients, the public, and the media, and to provide physician oversight to this process.

    1. Engage AAOS members to develop and monitor communication vehicles for content distribution to our patients and the public.

    2. Ensure appropriate physician oversight of content development for external communication programs, including patient education materials, press releases, Annual Meeting public relations activities, public service announcements, position statements, community projects, and campaigns.

    3. Foster, support and maintain trained media spokespersons representing multiple specialties and all career stages to support the AAOS' communications and public relations goals and objectives as appropriate.

    4. Provide media relations assistance and training, message development, crisis communications and public relations strategies expertise to AAOS governance units. Cabinet members will be available to respond to the press when a news or media event occurs that may require an expert in orthopaedics to respond to a public or academy need.

    5. Evaluate award nominees for media award programs.

    Reporting Relationship

    Reports to the Board of Directors 



    AAOS Now Editor-in-Chief

    OrthoInfo Editor-in-Chief

    Two (2) LFP New Graduates

    One (1) Internet/Technology Expert

    One (1) Social Media Expert

    Four (4) Members-at-Large (One Member-at-Large to serve as liaison to the Patient Safety Committee)

    Liaison from Council on Research and Quality

    Liaison from Council on Advocacy

    Liaison from Council on Education

    Liaison from Diversity Advisory Board

    Liaison from Women's Health Issues Advisory Board

    First Vice-President (Board Liaison)

    One (1) Resident 

    Term of Office

    For chair two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

    For members two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term. 

    Staff Liaison (title)

    Director, Department of Public Relations 

    Last updated:  10/3/18