BOS Nominating Committee

BOS Nominating Committee

Overall Purpose / Mission

Identify and recommend individuals for election to BOS leadership volunteer positions.


    1. Seek candidates for the Chair-Elect and Secretary positions;

    2. Review candidates' credentials;

    3. Conduct candidate interviews;

    4. Select at least one nominee for Chair-Elect and one or more nominees for Secretary;

    5. Present the slate of nominees to the BOS during its business meeting at the Fall Meeting;

    6. Ensure the due diligence and transparency through the nomination selection process; and

    7. Review all aspects of the nomination selection process and provide recommendations to improve the process to the BOS Executive Committee.


Chair - the BOS Immediate Past Chair

Past Nominating Chair

Four (4) Members - elected by the BOS during its business meeting at the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference

Term of Office

For chair, one (1) year term.

For past nominating chair, one (1) year term.

For members: one (1) year.

Members may not serve consecutive terms.


Staff Liaison

Director, Department of Society Relations

Last Updated: 06/16/17