AAOS Expert Witness Program

The AAOS Expert Witness Program, an integral part of the AAOS Professional Compliance Program, demonstrates the commitment of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) to the high ethical standards contained in the AAOS Code of Medical Ethics and Professionalism and the Advisory Statement on Orthopaedic Medical Testimony.

The Expert Witness Program, launched at the 2004 Annual Meeting, involves education and advocacy components and contains features that promote the integrity of the medical expert witness testimony orthopaedic surgeons provide. This website affords easy access to information that clarifies the duties of the orthopaedic surgeon as expert witness and information that meets AAOS' goal of providing complete, objective and scientifically based opinions in legal matters that affect patients and AAOS members.

The AAOS Expert Witness Program does not maintain a list of orthopaedic surgeons who testify as expert witnesses and will not respond to requests for recommendations of orthopaedic expert witnesses.