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Partnerships and Programs

There are several partners, departments and programs that make up the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). To represent these collaborations, logo lockups are used.

Logo Lockups

Placement of the AAOS logo in a lockup with another identity is visual representation of the relationship and/or partnership with that organization or brand. All lockups should adhere to the graphic-free zone guideline.

In instances of visually displaying equal partnerships through a logo lockup, organize the logos in alphabetical order by partner names.

In instances of visually displaying partnerships of varying degrees through a logo lockup, the lead partner should be placed on the left-hand side of the lockup, followed by a vertical delineation between the subsequent partner logo(s).

  AAOS-CareCredit-Logos.jpg         AOSSM-AAOS-Logo.jpg

In instances of visually displaying AAOS programs and services through a logo lockup, place a vertical delineation with the AAOS logo on the left and the program and service mark logo on the right-hand side of the lockup.

Programs and partnerships in need of guidance with a logo lockup should contact the branding team at

Sub-Brands, Departments and Products

AAOS sub-brands, departments and products are not required to present their logo as a lockup with the AAOS logo. They are, however, required to adhere to the guidelines set for this document as well as placing the AAOS logo in marketing materials and all branded collateral.

For example, the Education Department is represented by the logo lockup below:

AAOS-Education Programs-Logo.jpg

AAOS Registry Program

In October of 2017, The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) remerged with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) to be the cornerstone of the AAOS Registry Program. The AAOS Registry Program’s mission is to improve orthopaedic care through the collection, analysis and reporting of actionable data. Working in concert with the Academy’s brand guide, the AAOS Registry Program Style Guide, available on the Hub, is an expanded version of the original AJRR guidelines.

As of September 2019, there are four registries that are part of the AAOS Registry Program: AJRR, the Shoulder & Elbow Registry, the Musculoskeletal Tumor Registry and the American Spine Registry, which is a partnership with the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Each registry has its own branded logo which can be locked up with the AAOS logo. There also is an overarching Registry Program logo.


AAOS Annual Meeting

The AAOS Annual Meeting is the world’s largest meeting of orthopaedic surgeons, researchers and allied health professionals.

Communications and marketing materials on behalf of the Annual Meeting adhere to their own style guide, found on the Hub. 

Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, or “The Orthopaedic PAC,” is the only national political action committee in Washington, D.C., dedicated solely to representing orthopaedic surgeons before Congress. Formed to help advance the legislative agenda of the AAOS and subspecialty orthopaedic groups, the orthopaedic PAC supports candidates for federal office who champion orthopaedic issues important to these groups. It is nonpartisan and was recently named the 2019 Outstanding Association PAC by the Public Affairs Council.

The primary logo for the PAC is a lockup of the Capitol Dome with the Association Logo. This can be used for official letterhead, thank you notes, web, and print collateral.

The Capitol Dome logo is a registered trademark of the AAOS PAC.

The secondary logo for the PAC is the Capitol Dome by itself, which can be used for giveaways, printed handouts, Capitol Club promos and subpages of presentations or reports.

The PAC’s primary brand color is defined as Association Blue.

As a part of the Orthopaedic PAC, the OrthoPAC Advisor’s Circle is the AAOS’ premier PAC Corporate Donor Program. The Advisor’s Circle is designed to provide AAOS Members’ group practices and special societies with a leadership role within the Orthopaedic PAC.

Another program connected to the Orthopaedic PAC is Corporate Advocacy Allies of the AAOS (CAA). CAA is designed to strengthen meaningful relationships between our industry friends and the AAOS Office of Government Relations (OGR).

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