AAOS Now encourages editorial submissions from orthopaedic surgeons and orthopaedic- and practice-related product and service providers that qualify as subject matter experts. Interested authors should review the following documents 

Editorial deadlines: 

  • January issue – Nov. 1
  • February issue – Nov. 15
  • March issue – Jan. 1
  • April issue – Feb. 1
  • May issue – March 1
  • June issue – April 1
  • July issue – May 1
  • August issue – June 1
  • September issue – July 1
  • October issue – Aug. 1
  • November issue – Sept. 1
  • December issue – Oct. 1

AAOS Now encourages interested authors to contact staff prior to writing in order to review suggestions and provide feedback. Submit submissions and/or questions using the Contact the Editor Form 

Letters to the Editor 

AAOS Now regularly publishes letters from readers. Submissions should be less than 500 words and include the reader’s name and the article’s headline and publication date. Submit letters using the Contact the Editor Form.

Society News  

When space permits, AAOS Now regularly publishes news from other orthopaedic state and subspecialty societies and healthcare nonprofits, government agencies, for-profit industry members (nonproduct/nonservice related), etc. Submissions should be between 100 to 250 word and submitted using the Contact the Editor Form. 

Pat on the Back 

AAOS Now encourages readers to submit “Pat on the Back” entries, meant to acknowledge and celebrate AAOS members on recent accomplishments and accolades. Examples include receiving awards, voted/appointed to board of director or committee positions, winning grants, etc. Submit entries using the Contact the Editor Form

Products & Services  

When space permits, AAOS Now regularly publishes announcements from orthopaedic service, device, and product providers and manufacturers. All devices and products must be recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in order to be published in AAOS NowSubmissions should be less than 100 words and submitted using the Contact the Editor Form

Meetings and Courses 

AAOS Now publishes a meetings and courses calendar in each issue. Submissions should include the event’s name, date, and website. Submit details using the Contact the Editor Form.