Published 11/30/2019

Get Published Faster with OVT User-submitted Videos

You know that the Orthopaedic Video Theater (OVT) is a free AAOS member benefit, with more than 800 OVT Plus videos available, including award-winning resources.

Did you also know that you can now share your videos and get published faster with OVT User-submitted Videos? The OVT User-submitted Video option offers an expedited peer-review process. Once uploaded, a video is submitted to AAOS committee members in the particular orthopaedic specialty and is then quickly reviewed and published. With this option, you can showcase your skills and help advance orthopaedic education. This growing collection offers OVT viewers the chance to discover more relevant content and to access the very latest in orthopaedic surgical techniques.

Your OVT submissions will be available to an audience of nearly 40,000 global AAOS members and OVT subscribers. Your expert content will reach this key audience of the brightest leaders in orthopaedics, as you deliver meaningful educational content to drive better surgical outcomes.

New customization on the OVT website allows viewers to search content not only by topic area but also by specific procedure and author name. In addition, custom emails with featured titles categorized by topic are sent each month to all AAOS members, furthering the reach of your content.

Submit an OVT User-submitted Video today and enjoy faster posting and viewing by your peers. Visit video.aaos.org to discover all that OVT has to offer.